Northern Meat Services is a family-owned Canadian business which started in 1984. NMS is owned & operated by Russ Paterson along with his sons Ron and Jason. The company started out as a small butcher shop that sold various deli items. Currently the company employs over 100 people and is a full line food service distribution company. We are located at 49 Omands Creek and 29 Winfield Way in Winnipeg. Our 20 truck fleet allows us to deliver 52 weeks a year within Winnipeg. We also service many rural Manitoba locations.

Northern Meat Services opened it’s doors in 1984 as a butcher shop offering meat and various deli items. Our neighborhood corner store was located at the corner of Inglewood Street and Bruce Ave. This location became too small to handle the growing customer base. Northern Meat Services moved its operations to 462 Brooklyn Street.

On Brooklyn Street the business grew larger thanks to loyal customers and excellent staff. The Brooklyn Street location quickly doubled in size which forced us to find a larger location in 1991. 49 Omands Creek Blvd. became the new home of Northern Meats Services.

Shortly after we moved, Northern Meat Service branched out to enter the fresh produce market. To service our customers we opened Southern Produce. Southern Produce offers fresh produce with the convenience of being able to order directly from Northern Meat Services.

The final step to becoming a full line foodservice supplier was to offer grocery service to our customers. This additional market helped us to out-grow the Omands Creek location. Northern Meat Services added a new warehouse at 29 Winfield Way in 1999.

In 2007 we doubled the size of the warehouse to offer more products and faster service to our customers. To find out more about us and our full line of foodservice products – Click Here